Andy Stedman Design

Andy Stedman Design

5 Reasons To Invest In Your Garden

Make the garden an extension to your home:

Indoor-outdoor living, linking the garden to your home


Improve your quality of outdoor living:

Really enjoy the great outdoors – a garden should be a place to relax, play, exercise and enjoy

Create a destination for your family and friends to enjoy:

Create a space the envy of your friends and family – THE place everyone want use and enjoy with you

Add significant value to your property:

Our gardens undoubtedly add value and wow factor to the property – with a timeless design and quality construction

Extend the use of your garden throughout the year:

Create a garden that is set up for year round use and a comfortable place to be and enjoy

Are you looking to realise the full potential of your garden?

Are you looking to realise the full potential of your garden?

Get expert answers to your most crucial garden design and landscaping  questions.

Book your complimentary consultation call now to discuss how we can help you.

Are you looking to realise the full potential of your garden?

What we'll cover during our call:

Get the professional perspective on your garden

Make sure we’re a good fit

We’ll answer any initial questions you have and ask you a few questions to make sure we’re a good fit for you.

Timeframes and budgets

We’ll discuss dates that suit your schedule and current time frames and we’ll make sure you have a clear idea of a budget to achieve your ideal garden. We’ll ensure your budget is best spent to always add value and to provide a quality end result.

A stress & hassle free process

How we can help you achieve your dream garden with our end-to-end process – including our detailed design process, showroom, landscaping teams, specialist trades and maintenance service.

Our End To End Process




• Introductory Call
• Video Consultation

1 - 3 Days



• Onsite Consultation (online for remote clients)
• Design team analysis and feasibility study
• Written detailed design brief for your approval
• Detailed topographical survey

2 - 3 Weeks


Concept Design

• Sketch plan
• Associated Moodboard
• Initial draft costings
• Design presentation and feedback meeting
• Revisions

2 - 4 Weeks


Developed Design

• Concept plan
• Developed Moodboards
• 3D Visuals
• Design presentation and feedback meeting
• Updated costings
• Revisions

2 - 4 Weeks


Design Detail

• Master plan
• Surfaces & Quantities Plan
• Planting plans and soft landscaping details
• Construction and hard landscaping details
• Product & material specification
• Irrigation & Drainage plan
• Features & Furniture plan
• Lighting Design
• Design presentation and feedback meeting
• Final project costings & revisions

2 - 4 Weeks



• Introduction to the best-suited contractor for your project
• Onsite meeting
• Monitoring of landscaper final costings
• Project works schedule
• Product and material order scheduled
• Plant sourcing and supply

Our landscaping contractors typically work on a 3 - 4 month schedule from a completed design


Project Monitoring

• Project monitoring service
• Scheduled site meetings and inspections
• Meeting notes and reports


Maintenance Schedule and Contractor

• Maintenance schedule
• Introduction to recommended maintenance contractor (if required)



• Final review of finished garden
• Snagging list and report
• Sign off of project

Our Clients Experience Of Working With Us

An award winning business

We’ve won many industry and design awards in the last twenty years and strive to achieve many more.

Recent awards include Grand Design Show Live, Sussex Heritage Trust and a Five Star award this year at the world-renowned RHS Chelsea Flower Show.

Your garden is in good hands

Over 3,000 gardens created 

Andy has designed and built over 550 gardens and our team have completed over 3,000 combined.

150+ years of experience  

Our team have wide range of experience ranging from architecture to horticulture.

Certified Contractors and suppliers 

All of our suppliers, contractors and specialist trades have been fully vetted and are members of industry bodies.

We work hard to reach 100% satisfaction for our clients.

We work hard to reach 100% satisfaction for our clients.

Design Satisfaction Guarantee 

To offer you complete peace of mind, we offer a satisfaction guarantee to all of our clients.

Our Guarantee – In Practice 

Before we set to work on your garden design, we’ll need a clear idea of your expectation, tastes, style and design requirements. We then create a written design brief, which you sign off. If you’re unsure about what you need to tell us, don’t worry – we’ll work with you to create a brief tailored to you.

We’re confident that you will be thoroughly impressed with our design work from the outset.

What happens if I don’t like the design? 

If you’re not happy with your design at first, just let us know! We’ll revise the design based on your feedback, so the more specific and constructive you can be, the better.  We allow for one full round of revisions at each design stage, within which we are confident we can reach a design you love.

If you’re still not happy with the design after these the revisions, and our design doesn’t meet the brief – we will give you your money back.